“We had such an amazing event with the help of TaptIn. Having this app allowed our customers to vote in a costume contest, as well as check out the participating bar's specials - it really added a unique dynamic to our style of event. We're so excited to work with TaptIn again!”
Joey Cotton / Event Manager, Lindy Promotions
“Having launched and worked with several social media apps, Taptln has tremendous potential to revolutionize the way people interact in geo-targeted social settings. I see big things on the horizon for this company.”
Josh Sagman / CEO, Josh Sagman & Associates
“Keep your eye on TaptIn. I've got a feeling we're going to be hearing some serious buzz from them very soon.”
Jared Hecht / Co-Founder of GroupMe, Fundera
“Lindy Promotions was thrilled to have the TaptIn app and the TaptIn team at our DC Leprachaun Lap bar crawl. The team increased our ticket sales, and bar crawlers had a great time using the app and taking advantage of each venue's special deals and promos. We look forward to getting TaptIn again.”
Shane Springer / DC EVENT COORDINATOR, Lindy Promotions, LLC
“We couldn't be happier about our partnership and collaboration with TaptIn. Keep your calendars clear, people. You're in for a treat.”
Tommy Joe’s / Bethesda, A Maryland Tradition
“Whether it's connecting with people or getting great deals at my favorite venues, TaptIn continues to blow me away. I never miss upcoming events at my local bars, I've made tons of new friends, and I also won this bird.”
Man with bird / Founding Partner, Birdman Enterprises