Sustained customer engagement

Redefine the patron/venue relationship

Connect instantly and directly to clientele by placing contests, surveys, and rewards all within the palm of their hand. Keep patrons entertained, engaged, and in your venue longer.

Informed Analytics

Grant your business or event access to relevant & informed, analytical data

Because none of the data is tied to any one specific individual, user privacy remains uncompromised.

Strategic Marketing Capabilities

Take advantage of our comprehensive, analytical data to gain a more sophisticated understanding of clientele

Arm your business with the necessary resources to effectively execute targeted marketing strategies, ultimately resulting in increased profit.

Increased Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Current business is sustained as new business is expanded

Utilize our marketing tools and special business listings to generate buzz within your existing clientele base, while also spreading awareness amongst new customers.

Custom Interface

The TaptIn Cockpit’s backend software is completely customizable

Implement as basic or comprehensive of a system interface as you need to fit your business. We’ll help you get set up quickly and easily.

Dedicated Support

We are here for you 24/7

Our dedicated squad of support specialists is available to assist you around the clock. You have our full attention.

Revenue Generator

Take advantage of prime, in-app ad space

Strengthen profit margins with additional revenue from selling ad space to 3rd-party advertisers.